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Yui Takada AXIS : Special edition | 髙田唯 軸 : スペシャルエディション



Yui Takada AXIS : Special edition
髙田唯 軸 : スペシャルエディション

Size : 190(~) x 210mm
Contents : 380p
Print : Offset, screen print
Edition : 300 copies
Design : ori.studio
Language : Japanese, English, Chinese
Publisher : ori.studio
Date : 2023.11.24

A special, hardcover edition of AXIS, originally published in conjunction with Yui Takada's ginza graphic gallery exhibition CHAOTIC ORDER in July of 2022. Including interviews with Nobuo Nakagaki, Kenya Hara, and Kazunari Hattori, as well as essays by Shuta Hasunuma and Ikuhisa Sawada.

Appearing as a magnetic line cutting across space, pulling inward and connecting together elements from our collective environment which begin to cohesively spin harmoniously in a single orbit, the practice of graphic designer Yui Takada provides us with a new view of our world. These elements are sampled from the mundane, seemingly ordinary scenes and objects that surround us, elevated to a state that appears entirely contradictory to its own nature, but which simultaneously expresses it in such an honest way that said nature is not simply maintained, but celebrated. Through wielding this transformative cyclone like energy, Takada makes us “aware”.

Expanded to incorporate 617 individual fragments, comprised of deconstructed work, collected and documented environmental and contextual elements such as compass markings, instant noodle packages, caution tape, or drink boxes deriving from his daily observations, as well as completely new projects, and a collection of images documenting the ggg exhibition, this edition has continued to place emphasis on the “axis” Takada has created, where an order is generated not through a systematic application of logic, but rather in the acceptance and love for, and in the utilization of chaos which seems to have resulted in a completely new form of existence. This new object now further extends our ability to objectively see something who’s contours appear to be in a constant state of flux, combining layer upon layer of seemingly disparate material through physical means and by an order which has been generated through chaos, shifting position with the change of one perspective to the next.