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c-SITE#2 Topic : Sample「采样/サンプリング

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About the format :

c-SITE is one of the main publication categories of da大 in print, and is based around an interdisciplinary discussion surrounding a singular topic, exploring it in physical and metaphysical terms. It has been removed from the typical interviewer/interviewee archetype. Rather, it has been formatted to take place in a sequential manner (a → b) , (b → c) … (j → a) where participant (a) will ask a question to participant (b), who after answering will ask a question to the next person down the list (c), so as to achieve a more natural and autonomous form of dialogue.

Our ultimate goal is to analyze the nature and potential of a topic by combining the perspectives of people from various backgrounds, experiences, and ways of thinking, thus maximizing the scope of peoples understanding and ways of thinking.

About the topic : Sample -

Living in an environment which is complex and ever-changing, we constantly sample things around us. These things which we interact with exist in a variety of contexts, such as natural or ecological phenomena, sound, temperature, fragments of time, or perhaps even the different fields of thought which people inhabit. The process of consciously collecting, experiencing, questioning, and judging the things which we come across represents ones attitudes and ideas towards specific things. Once sampled from its original context and time, an element begins to change depending on the personal experiences and consciousness of a particular person.

What is the relationship between the memory of a sample and a sample in its original context? What type of thinking happens in the process of sampling? What type of changes to something in regards to scale or essence are possible in the process of sampling? What happens when something sampled is blended with ones own perception and ways of thinking? How can one break the bonds between a sample and its original context or environment? What is the relationship between a sample and time? Can the act of sampling things be reversed? (Can our abstractions be sampled)?